Lil X Token

Lil X Token is dedicated to Elon’s son - Lil X. The token is based on the coolest son to the richest man on earth! To honor Lil X, we have developed awesome NFT’s, with a range of different attributes! We will have staking rewards and continuous development, making it a big player in the BSC space!

There are so many meme coins on the Binance Smart Chain, but were still waiting for the next big coin to rocket to the moon! Other tokens have come and gone, but they’ve all forgotten about what’s most important to Elon - his children!

In order to get all the attention we need, we will have a market with epic NFT’s, primarily based on Lil X. We have a dedicated team and will provide continued support and development. We will create a community that Elon will not be able to resist! For the first time, Elon will be able to send a coin to the moon that’s based on his pride and joy.


Buy and Sell (8%)

Marketing 5%
Liquidity 2%
Staking 1%




  • New website
  • Relaunch
  • Add LilX Staking Rewards
  • Partnership With Another Token
  • Launch First Lil X NFT Collection
  • Twitter Activity
  • Marketing
  • Online Activity
  • Massive Chinese Marketing
  • Additional NFT Development
  • Partnership With Additional Tokens
  • CMC & CG apply at higher volume
  • Renounce Ownership


  • NFT Releases
  • Expend Telegram Group
  • CEX Possibilities Review
  • Huge Developments (be a big player in the BSC space)
  • Big giveaways to diamond hands and many competitions for all the investors
  • 3D NFT development
  • Development Lil X NFT Marketplace
  • ETH bridge review


Many things to come. The community is the key of Lil X, we will ask feedback and deliver ur wishes. We will do huge feedback campaigns! Top 50 holders meetings, to take them with the development of a huge project and get known by the world!

Devs will DOX at $10M marketcap. We are based devs, 2 entrepreneurs with a strong desire to be successful.


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